How long will my House take to Sell?

This is entirely based on your goals as a seller, our pricing strategy, and the current market. All of my clients receive a market report that explains the average time a house is on the market for, the average time before an offer is accepted, as well as the average asking price. Please contact me and I will give you an estimate that is in line with today’s market. 

What are the fee’s associated with listing my home?

When you sell (list your home), there are costs associated with the process. Closing Costs, Attorney fee’s, Realtor’s compensation, staging your home for showings.  


What percentage do you charge to list my home?

The percentage I charge is entirely Negotiable.  The rate I charge is usually based on how aggressive we will have to market the property to meet your goals.  My listing rates are extremely competitive and you will find that my modern strategy to market your home goes beyond other agents in the area.